3 Easy Ways Infographics & Quizgraphics Can Be The Greatest Salesman On The Web

Happiness At Work
Infographic How To Find A Dream Job - CC: Rainer Wiesehahn

Customers and Website business owners will love the magic of infographics and quizgraphics. Especially if they are brilliant minimalists.

Sorry for my completely different English. My first language is German.

By accident I have found out how creativity boosting it is planning and creating an infographic. Here are 3 easy ways how an infographic can be the greatest salesman on the web:

  1. Start with a question for your favourite customer.
  2. Make her or him laugh and ready to buy with 2 more questions.
  3. Offer your product, services or affiliate website.

Below is the example of an infographic how a bad bank can sell their BS investing products to the ideal customer:

Infographic Example Bad Banks Will Love - CC: Rainer Wiesehahn